ChickenPing 2.1.5

Enhancements and bug fixed in this release.

Changes in ChickenPing 2.1.5
  • Added: Option to permanently save changes made when scaling a recipe. (Thanks Jim)
  • Changed: Requirements for custom icons are now more forgiving. (Thanks Jim)
  • Changed: When scaling a recipe, the list now respects sections.

ChickenPing 2.10

A few changes in ChickenPing 2.1.0, thanks to Alison for helping with this.

Changes in ChickenPing 2.1.0

  • Added: Option to export/save snapshots from the context menu.
  • Changed: The list of existing measurements for autocomplete now pulls from both shopping list items and ingredients.
  • Changed: Recipes can now be added to the shopping list from the list in meal planner.
  • Fixed: Bug where ChickenPing would crash if the install wizard was not completed.
  • Fixed: Bug where two items were added instead of doubling the quantity of each item when adding the same recipe to the shopping list twice (Thanks Alison).
  • Fixed: Meal planner bug where the wrong recipe was shown when double clicking a recipe in the 'Recipe List' view.
  • Fixed: Language/measurement selection bug.
  • Fixed: Fatal crash when trying to paste garbage text as a list of ingredients.
  • Fixed: Intermittent settings saving bug where a change of language would not be reflected until ChickenPing was restarted.

As always, existing users should export your database just in case something goes wrong before upgrading.

ChickenPing 2.05

ChickenPing 2.05 adds several new features. It is recommended to upgrade only if you're not synchronizing with an iOS device. The iOS update will be released later on in the year and will bring cross platform compatibility.

Changes in ChickenPing 2.05

  • Added: Copy to clipboard as text/HTML via context menu.
  • Added: Export to HTML using templates.
  • Added: Option to specify allergens and special diet information for recipes.
  • Added: When searching for nutrition, more matches should now be returned. (Previously, "egg white" would not match against the USDA defintiion of "Egg, white". This is no longer the case).
  • Changed: Shopping list names no longer have to be unique.
  • Changed: Wines, Cocktails and the Wine Cellar is now synchronized.
  • Fixed: Wine regions grid editor.
  • Fixed: Shopping list item update bug. If the same combination of ingredient name, comment and measurement are added on the same list, the existing item is now updated instead of a new item being added.

ChickenPing for iPhone

ChickenPing is finaly available for the iPhone. iPad support will follow if there's demand. You can sync with a Dropbox acccount to make transferring recipes and managng a shopping list easier than ever.

If you like ChickenPing, please rate it on the App Store and have your say.

Changes in ChickenPing 1.9.5

  • Added: iPhone support.
  • Added: Sync with DropBox to make backup/sync with a mobile/cell phone easier.
  • Added: Recipe grid virtualization, so loading a database of 10000 recipes should no longer cause a slow down.
  • Fixed: Bug when searching for recipes by author.
  • Changed: Default icon and other icons to ensure 5 sizes are available.
  • Changed: Custom icon storage directory to be more consistent. Icons are now stored in ChickenPing's data folder instead of the application directory.

ChickenPing 1.92

This release mainly addresses licensing problems which some users were reporting.

Changes in ChickenPing 1.92

  • Fixed: Bug on bulk nutrition search.
  • Changed: Authentication and licensing system to remove dependance on internet connection.
  • Changed: ChickenPing can now import from backups created pre 1.7.5 (Thanks Daniel).