ChickenPing 2.10

A few changes in ChickenPing 2.1.0, thanks to Alison for helping with this.

Changes in ChickenPing 2.1.0

  • Added: Option to export/save snapshots from the context menu.
  • Changed: The list of existing measurements for autocomplete now pulls from both shopping list items and ingredients.
  • Changed: Recipes can now be added to the shopping list from the list in meal planner.
  • Fixed: Bug where ChickenPing would crash if the install wizard was not completed.
  • Fixed: Bug where two items were added instead of doubling the quantity of each item when adding the same recipe to the shopping list twice (Thanks Alison).
  • Fixed: Meal planner bug where the wrong recipe was shown when double clicking a recipe in the 'Recipe List' view.
  • Fixed: Language/measurement selection bug.
  • Fixed: Fatal crash when trying to paste garbage text as a list of ingredients.
  • Fixed: Intermittent settings saving bug where a change of language would not be reflected until ChickenPing was restarted.

As always, existing users should export your database just in case something goes wrong before upgrading.