ChickenPing 1.70 adds some nice features related to printing and loads more icons.

Changes in ChickenPing 1.70

ChickenPing Mobile users will also need to upgrade the version on their device.

ChickenPing 1.67 includes a number of new features and tweaks to functionality requested by users. There's a cooking dictionary and ingredients can now be sorted by an artificial order. There have also been improvements to the way recipes and shopping lists are printed.

Changes in ChickenPing 1.67

  • Added: Culinary Dictionary feature (Thanks bgbiggs).
  • Added: Option to sort ingredients by an artificial order (Thanks Professor X and Rhaz).
  • Added: Searching by author name (Thanks MightyVI).
  • Added: Checkbox column to the shopping list print output, and sorted ingredients by name.
  • Added: Slider to control the width of the paper when printing shopping lists (Thanks aaguilera83).
  • Changed: Categories are now sorted by name (Thanks MightyVI).
  • Fixed: Duplicate measurement bug when printing a shipping list (Thanks aaguilera83).
  • Fixed: Recipe name now appears when printing a meal list (Thanks aaguilera83).

Export your database before upgrading, as the database schema has changed. This means ChickenPing Mobile users should follow the steps for upgrading in the readme.

If you'd like to contribute content (dictionary definitions or substitutes or otherwise) in return for a big mention in the application, the readme and the contributors page), please get in touch.

ChickenPing 1.65

You can now download thousands of recipes online by using's recipe search as well as ChickenPing's own online database.

1.65 (6th February 2010)

  • Added: recipe search and download.
  • Added: Check for updates feature.
  • Fixed: Bug which caused sometimes causes an unhandled crash when editing the quantity field of an ingredient.
  • Fixed: Importing bug which prevented recipes exported/reimported to a PC with different regional settings.

This version shouldn't need a database export, but you may want to for your own reference.

This release adds some requested features and should improve readability for imported recipes. Users of ChickenPing Mobile will need to update it to version 1.24 as well.

Changes in ChickenPing 1.60

  • Added: Persistent storage for In the Fridge (Thanks Esgrimidor).
  • Added: French (Canada) translation (Thanks Gabriel Mongeon, ing. jr.).
  • Added: Print preview to meal planner and recipe printing.
  • Added: Option to print recipes when printing meals from the meal planner.
  • Added: Minimum version check when synchronizing with ChickenPing Mobile.
  • Changed: The contents of the fridge are now saved between restarts (Thanks Esgrimidor).
  • Changed: Replaced buggy numeric up/down controls (spinners) with a simpler TextBox which responds to the arrow keys.
  • Changed: Shopping lists are now synchronized with ChickenPing Mobile.
  • Changed: Behaviour of MealMaster parser.
  • Fixed: RecipeML parsing bug (Thanks Csutkbaba).
  • Fixed: Recipe nutrition view bug.

Printing should work better for long recipes which span more than one page, it's been redesigned along with the meal planner (below).

Improved recipe printing

ChickenPing 1.51

ChickenPing is now available in Spanish and recipes can be imported from FDX format, which supports pictures.

Changes in ChickenPing 1.51

  • Added: Import from Food Data Exchange (FDX) format.
  • Added: Spanish translation (Thanks Carlos).
  • Changed: When searching for nutrition for a recipe, the food selected from the USDA database for each ingredient is now remembered.