Create multiple shopping lists

Shopping Lists

Create shopping lists automatically from recipes, or add individual ingredients which you need to make a recipe.

Download and share recipes

Share & Download

Download from ChickenPing's recipe database, or share your own recipes so other users can download.

Nutritional Breakdown

Nutrition Lookup

Find a nutritional analysis for 7000+ ingredients using the USDA database. Analyze a whole recipe or just one ingredient.

Scale recipes for more or fewer servings

Scale Recipes

Automatically calculate how much of each ingredient you need for the number of servings required.

Recipe for six portions and expecting guests at dinner? No problem - ChickenPing will resize your recipe.

Use What's In The Fridge

Stuck for something to make? Search using the ingredients you have to exclude recipes for which you don't have the ingredients.

Custom wine cellar layouts

Organize your Wine Cellar

Add your favourite wines to search by country of origin or wine type, then use ChickenPing's comprehensive Wine Cellar Manager to catalogue your wine celler. Keep track of which bottles and which varieties are located where.

Make the Perfact Cocktail

Make custom cocktails, never forget how to make a perfect Manhattan with ChickenPing's cocktail manager to catalogue your wine celler. Keep track of which bottles and which varieties are located where.

Take snapshots of recipes

Add Photos Of Finished Dishes

Take snapshots of a recipe when it's finished, then browse through photos and quickly find recipes with the snapshot gallery.

Sticky Fingers Mode

Turn on Sticky Fingers Mode when you're in the kitchen, with high contrast and large buttons you don't need to worry about getting the laptop dirty. ChickenPing will even read a recipe to you.

Ingredient substitution finder

Find Substitutes for Missing Ingredients

No whole milk in the fridge? Did you know you can use 1/2 evaporated milk and 1/2 water instead? If there's an ingredient you're missing, find a substitute.

Paste ingredients, Drag and Drop or Import

Paste ingredients from a website or drag and drop them to add them to a recipe, saving you the boredom of entering ingredients manually.

ChickenPing can import from MasterCook (MX2 and MXP) files, MealMaster, RecipeML and Food Data Exchange (FDX) formats, so you can add your favorite saved recipes from another program easily.

Runs on Windows Phone and Mobile 6.5

Windows Phone Version

ChickenPing Mobile runs on any Windows Phone, so you can take your portable recipe book with you. Translations for Windows Mobile are available in English, Russian and Ukranian.

Plan meals

Meal Planner

Plan what to eat each day to improve your health or manage your budget.

Convert Measurements

Convert imperial to metric or vice versa, never again do you need to stuggle trying to remember gallon man.

When adding recipes, enter ingredients in a mix of unit systems, then display quantities the way you prefer.

Easy printing

Print with Ease

Print recipes and shopping lists onto paper.

The meal planner's print output makes creating menus easier than ever.

Publish to Flickr

Upload to Flickr or Picasa

When you've added photos of a recipe, publish them to Flickr or Picasa for friends to see.

Set timers to remember

Create Timers

If a recipe requires something to be done at a certain time, set a timer to remind you.

The screen will flash and a bell will ring to remind you.

Powerful Search

Organize And Find Easily

Categorize recipes to allow easy searching. Search by name, rating or ingredients to find recipes quickly.