ChickenPing 2.05

ChickenPing 2.05 adds several new features. It is recommended to upgrade only if you're not synchronizing with an iOS device. The iOS update will be released later on in the year and will bring cross platform compatibility.

Changes in ChickenPing 2.05

  • Added: Copy to clipboard as text/HTML via context menu.
  • Added: Export to HTML using templates.
  • Added: Option to specify allergens and special diet information for recipes.
  • Added: When searching for nutrition, more matches should now be returned. (Previously, "egg white" would not match against the USDA defintiion of "Egg, white". This is no longer the case).
  • Changed: Shopping list names no longer have to be unique.
  • Changed: Wines, Cocktails and the Wine Cellar is now synchronized.
  • Fixed: Wine regions grid editor.
  • Fixed: Shopping list item update bug. If the same combination of ingredient name, comment and measurement are added on the same list, the existing item is now updated instead of a new item being added.