This release adds some requested features and should improve readability for imported recipes. Users of ChickenPing Mobile will need to update it to version 1.24 as well.

Changes in ChickenPing 1.60

  • Added: Persistent storage for In the Fridge (Thanks Esgrimidor).
  • Added: French (Canada) translation (Thanks Gabriel Mongeon, ing. jr.).
  • Added: Print preview to meal planner and recipe printing.
  • Added: Option to print recipes when printing meals from the meal planner.
  • Added: Minimum version check when synchronizing with ChickenPing Mobile.
  • Changed: The contents of the fridge are now saved between restarts (Thanks Esgrimidor).
  • Changed: Replaced buggy numeric up/down controls (spinners) with a simpler TextBox which responds to the arrow keys.
  • Changed: Shopping lists are now synchronized with ChickenPing Mobile.
  • Changed: Behaviour of MealMaster parser.
  • Fixed: RecipeML parsing bug (Thanks Csutkbaba).
  • Fixed: Recipe nutrition view bug.

Printing should work better for long recipes which span more than one page, it's been redesigned along with the meal planner (below).

Improved recipe printing