ChickenPing 1.67 includes a number of new features and tweaks to functionality requested by users. There's a cooking dictionary and ingredients can now be sorted by an artificial order. There have also been improvements to the way recipes and shopping lists are printed.

Changes in ChickenPing 1.67

  • Added: Culinary Dictionary feature (Thanks bgbiggs).
  • Added: Option to sort ingredients by an artificial order (Thanks Professor X and Rhaz).
  • Added: Searching by author name (Thanks MightyVI).
  • Added: Checkbox column to the shopping list print output, and sorted ingredients by name.
  • Added: Slider to control the width of the paper when printing shopping lists (Thanks aaguilera83).
  • Changed: Categories are now sorted by name (Thanks MightyVI).
  • Fixed: Duplicate measurement bug when printing a shipping list (Thanks aaguilera83).
  • Fixed: Recipe name now appears when printing a meal list (Thanks aaguilera83).

Export your database before upgrading, as the database schema has changed. This means ChickenPing Mobile users should follow the steps for upgrading in the readme.

If you'd like to contribute content (dictionary definitions or substitutes or otherwise) in return for a big mention in the application, the readme and the contributors page), please get in touch.