ChickenPing 1.8.8

Version 1.8.8 includes a a new wine cellar manager to catalog your wine cellar and a couple of new APIs, including Snooth and The ChickenPing recipe spider has been hard at work cataloging cooking terms from the furthest corners of the internet, all of which are now included.

Changes in ChickenPing 1.8.8
  • Added: Wine search via
  • Added: Restaurant search via OpenDining.
  • Added: Cellar Manager to manage and index wine locations.
  • Changed: Region/country labels are now hidden when the region/country for a wine are not set to save space.
  • Changed: Position of the main window is now saved when closing.
  • Fixed: Bug when submitting error reports.
  • Fixed: Crash when searching Wine.Com with special characters (Thanks Matt).
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to download the USDA nutrition database with a limited user account.
  • Fixed: Bug when country and origin of wines was not shown when editing a wine.