Version 1.7.6 offers new features and support for the upcoming release of ChickenPing for Windows Phone 7. Aside from the spiffy new logo, there's also a new quick search bar and several bug fixes (Thanks xcorvis, WakkoBlues and everyone else who helped with testing and suggesting features for this release).

Changes in ChickenPing 1.7.6
  • Added: Windows Phone 7 support.
  • Added: Import from REML.
  • Added: Quick search bar (Thanks xcorvis - #2, #3)
  • Added: Option to send a recipe with a message to friends via email.
  • Added: Extra step when importing recipes to allow selection of the recipes and categories to include.
  • Added: Conversion options for temperatures (Thanks WakkoBlues), and ability to set units for a temperature, also to convert between different temperature units.
  • Added: Select/Deselect all button for categories (Thanks xcorvis - #12)
  • Added: Option to submit recipes to and view recipes via the site instead of just the application.
  • Added: Auto-upgrade to new databases schemas, hopefully eliminating the need to export/re-import after upgrading.
  • Fixed: Preparation time parsing bug when downloading from FatSecret.

ChickenPing Mobile 1.31 will be the last version which supports Windows Mobile 6.5. All future releases will be targeted at WIndows Phone 7. If you need a reason to upgrade, ChickenPing's measurement converter and metro interface should be reason enough.