ChickenPing 1.20 includes the ability to upload recipe snapshots to Picasa as well as Flickr. Also included are usability enhancements to the Recipes and Shopping list windows and minor bug fixes.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, you must create a backup before installing this version. You will be prompted to re-create the database when installing, after which you can import the backup. If you also use ChickenPing Mobile, after restoring the backup you created connect your phone/PDA, then click Copy to Device in the synchronization window. This will overwrite the database on your device with a fresh copy from the backup, as the database schema has changed in this version.

Changes in ChickenPing 1.20

Thanks to Amaragold for suggesting most of the features added in this release. Full change list below.

  • Added: Upload to Picasa for snapshots.
  • Added: Shortcut keys to Add Recipe and Shopping List windows.
  • Added: Ability to keep ChickenPing on top of other windows (Tools->Always on Top).
  • Added: Preference to show quantities as decimals or fractions.
  • Changed: Quantity is now auto-focused instead of name when adding an ingredient.
  • Changed: When 'Add Ingredient' is clicked, if an ingredient is already being added, it is saved (as long as there are no validation errors) and the quantity field is focused to add a new ingredient. Ingredients currently being added are saved before the window is allowed to close.
  • Changed: Default when searching from Starts with to Contains.
  • Changed: Star rating on recipe list is now coloured.
  • Changed: Styling on insertion row when adding ingredients to be more distinct from other rows.
  • Fixed: Measurements in the shopping list were limited to integers.
  • Fixed: Typo in Full Editor.
  • Fixed: Bug when editing ingredients which caused quantities to be rounded to the nearest integer when an ingredient was edited.